Subclass 457

Subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) visa program

These visas are meant to ease the Australia’s skills shortage in critical areas.  This program is very closely monitored by the Australian government especially subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) visa program.

This visa program is for skilled workers to obtain sponsorship and employment in Australia.  A 457 visa is valid for up to four (4) years and work experience gained in Australia on this visa may lead to permanent residence either through sponsorship by an eligible employer or the skilled migration program. You can bring your family with you (they can work and study) and you can travel in and out of Australia as often as you like.

Australian 457 Visa Basic Requirements

In order to qualify for a 457 visa, applicants must have an employer who is willing to sponsor them. There are three steps in the visa application process:

1. Sponsorship

Employers must seek and obtain approval to sponsor and recruit overseas workers. Once sponsorship status is approved, it is valid for 3 years unless it is a start-up organisation and allows the business to nominate as many positions as required during that period. Under this program, employer has certain list of obligations that he should adhere to and fulfil during the period of his sponsorship.


2. Nomination

Employers must nominate each of the positions they wish to fill with an overseas worker. The nominated position must also be paid a minimum salary level as specified in a Gazette Notice (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold -TSMIT) and satisfy other basic requirements such as evidence of equivalent terms and conditions of employment. 


3. Visa Application

The overseas workers identified to fill the vacancy must apply for a 457 visa to enter and remain in Australia. The applicant must demonstrate they have skills to match the nominated position and must be offered employment at not less than the salary indicated in the nomination application. The applicant is also required to satisfy certain health and character requirements to meet the 457 visa criteria.  Once visa granted, Nominated employee must work for the sponsor, and should not undertake any other outside work.

In cases where an applicant does not have a sponsor, there is the ability to lodge an Expression of Interest through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Skill Select database. This step allows prospective employers and also the state/territory governments to view applicant details and offer sponsorship.

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